My process - Pragmatic Research

I work on behalf of your design and product talent, building lean research strategies that best fit your internal team culture and tenets.


At project outset, we meet briefly to explore your business and product goals. Once I have the full view of your target customers and end-users, I travel to embed myself in their world. I practice their rituals and walk in their shoes to understand new design opportunities. This can often be completed within just a few days to build an early hierarchy of needs and goals, which I document along the way. At this time, I can also review analytic reports and customer support to prioritize next steps.

Included in this phase

  • Contextual Inquiry
  • Mental Models
  • Journey Mapping
  • User Personas


Your team deserves all the resources to drive business outcomes. Here we plan and host moderated and remote studies, off-site sessions and quantitative research to reveal user insights. I can take care of some or all of the recruitment and moderation or partner with your in-house talent. As we complete each study, I synthesize findings and surface high-relevance quotes and footage to reveal sentiment.

  • Formative Studies
  • Evaluative Studies
  • Insights Database


At this stage I consolidate findings into streamlined reports — both an executive summary and full version. I can travel to your office to make presentations and circulate findings, with regular input from stakeholders. A series of design recommendations or suggested product changes may be made here to advance your goals. Once approved, I then work closely alongside your team for implementation. If preferred, I can follow-along and provide guidance through chat or project management tools.

Included in this phase

  • Research Report
  • Executive Summary
  • Design Recommendations


Now that changes have been made at the interface level, we work together to ensure all goals are met. I can conduct a wide range of summative evaluations and — through analytic and business intelligence tools — quantify improvements to user adoption, engagement and sales. After a 30-day observation window, additional design optimizations may be done to maximize value of our research together. Upon conclusion, a strategy playbook is delivered that can be used for years to help drive new product decisions.

Included in this phase

  • Benchmarking
  • Design Recommendations
  • Strategy Playbook

My values - Less addiction. More trust.

I push against the tides of “fast tech”, which exploits human psychology to force engagement and retention. I work instead to unlock deeper relationships with end-users through design systems which foster respect, serendipity and well-being.

  • Inclusive. Celebrating the many ways people move through the world while working tirelessly to build bridges for participation.
  • Lean. Engaging users for the fastests insights possible, with tactical solutions to meet your business moment.
  • Ethical. Keeping user privacy and trust at the center of everything, with the track record (and the tech) to prove it.
  • Pragmatic. Balancing disruption and scale with long-term brand value and safety.
  • Innovative. Humanizing the latest tech innovations to outpace your competitors.

How can I help?

My offices

  • Brooklyn
    61 Greenpoint Avenue
    11222, NY, United States
  • Montreal
    4020 Rue St-Ambroise
    H4C 2E1, Quebec, Canada